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Join us to develop the future of the agriculture industry. You can join us in various engineering fields to improve your skills through your university time. Last but not least, have fun trying engineering things! You don`t have to be Elon Musk to join us (if you are Elon, please get in touch), we will together aquire new knowledge!

Contact info

You can visit us at room: 2160 at USN Kongsberg. 

Shahin Ostadahmadi

  • Epost:
  • Telf.: 40120626
  • Discord: Shahin#9799

Ole Eirik Seljordslia

  • Epost:
  • Telf.: 97526508
  • Discord: Ole#0095


Join our new electronics group! you are welcome to improve our system with your skills and have fun among the work. Here is something you can work on with us:

  • Regulation systems (PID regulator etc.)
  • Circuit design
  • Explore your ideas
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Machine learning

Work with us to predict plant growth, size and weight. You will learn about many different algorithms and machine learning methods. We are educating ourselvs alongside university with books and online education resources.

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Product design

Designing smart shelv systems, hydroponical smart light and other cool stuff. Here you can test out all your creativity and skils to develop new products. The cool part is you can design products and test them out in reality and your sponsor is HydroPlant.

  • CAD (SolidWorks)
  • 3D-printing
  • Explore your ideas!
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control system

In this group you will work with sensors, actuators, cameras and another electronics to develop a controll systems. Our controll system ensures that everything working as it should. You wil be using C++ to program the logic behind the system. 

  • C/C++
  • Arduino
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Make the communication possible with this group! Communication between the main server, different systems, cameras and etc. Here you will ensures that the data we collect from all the systems getting in to the right place. Further we will monitor the data both locally and externally and use the data to further analysis. 

  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Python
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meet our team

Shahin Ostadahmadi


Henrik Bertelsen


Ole Eirik Seljordslia


Adrian Haugjord


Oscar Melby


Aditi Deshpande